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Bitcoin is digital money. Many people (certainly us) think Bitcoin is a revolutionary new idea that has changed the way people look at money. Sending and receiving money to/from anyone in the world can be done as easily as sending an email 24/7/365, with a fraction of the transaction fees banks charge and with no middle man. This gives everyone access to buy and sell from all over the world without dealing with a single bank! Cool, right?
1. Protect your financial privacy: You can use bitcoin to protect your financial privacy by keeping your money outside the banking system. Think of it as a money vault that you can store large sums of money in a very secure manner, that only YOU know exists and only YOU can have access to.

2. Super easy to use: You can literally send money from anywhere to anyone, anywhere in the world at anytime, with a very marginal transaction fee and instantly! All you need is phone/computer with internet access

3. Protect your Identity: One cool feature about Bitcoin is you can send money anonymously. This is very helpful and protects you from identity theft also as all those companies don't hold your personal information. If you pay with bitcoin, the seller only receives the funds and no personal information about you and can verify it's you using an encrypted wallet key, thus release the product/render the service.
We recommend using Electrum. It's a very easy to use light-weight wallet. You can download and use for FREE at: put a link to download electrum.

You can also see a list of other wallets for download here:
INTERAC® Online is a way for you to send money via the email if you bank with one of the major Canadian Banks (ie CIBC, RBC, TD, BMO, etc.)

You can get more information about INTERAC® Online on their website:
Sorry, at this time, we only accept cash deposits made to our account or INTERAC´┐Ż Online Email money trasfers. transfers Bitcoin within minutes (99% of the time) or at most hours (in case of problems with your identity or transaction. This rarely happens), not days. There's no waiting to start exploring or paying with Bitcoin.
Always get the latest market price because is linked to many Bitcoin and Forex Exchange Agencies and always has the latest live rates. is fully compliant with regulations and laws. We are owned by a federal Canadian corporation, compliant with Fintrac regulations and respect and monitor money transmission laws.
Yes. utilizes the highest grade of web and application security throughout your purchasing process. We operate on a 256-bit encrypted secure channel for all communications on our website and we do not retain any identifiable information about our customers on online servers.
After your payment is complete, it takes about 2-5 minutes to process your payment, procure Bitcoin just for you at the market rate, and initiate your request to the address you specify. Most orders are fulfilled within minutes, but in rare cases where there are problems identifying the buyer or issues with the transaction, it could take up to 24 hours.
In short: There are NO REFUNDS.
This is because Bitcoin prices change very rapidly and the only option to reverse an order would be for you to sell your Bitcoin back to us. Please contact us for more information on selling your Bitcoins to us. is the only online exchange that allows large purchases up to $100,000 CAD. We also accept orders as low as $200 CAD
We are available by email from 8:00 - 6:00 EST Monday - Friday. We check e-mail regularly and make a diligent effort to respond to all inquiries as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated as always. If you reach us by phone and we are unable to answer you immediately, that means we're experiencing a higher than normal call volume, and you should leave a message for us. Someone from will get back to you usually within the hour but definitely by the end of business day. does experience delays during times of increased volume and volatility. We strive to limit downtime, unfortunately, these delays are sometimes out of our control.