Terms of Trade

You understand Digital Currency is irreversible; there are no refunds or exchanges once you have placed your order. Once a Digital Currency transaction is sent to the address you provide on your order, it cannot be unsent (just like an email cannot be unsent).

BuyBitcoinForCash is a secure service. However, BuyBitcoinForCash is offered with no warranties of any kind, including uptime. Some orders may require additional verification after ordering. Some orders may be cancelled by BuyBitcoinForCash at our sole discretion and refunded in full. Unclaimed and/or incomplete orders are cancelled after 14 days. Claims for cancelled orders cannot exceed the original purchase price. You indemnify BuyBitcoinForCash from all claims of any nature resulting from the use of BuyBitcoinForCash. BuyBitcoinForCash is a 100% Canadian owned company (Owned by Amirbaba Inc). We may update this agreement at any time without notice.