Amir Zargham

Managing Partner

My Story

Hey there! My name is Amir and I'm a software architect. I've been tinkering with code since I was a youngin' at the age of 8, starting off with Fox Pro. I've always had a passion for creating things, whether it's an AI-powered submarine with Respberry Pi or a high-powered web server that's running the site you're on right now. Throughout my various projects, I've consistently surpassed expectations in terms of timelines and budgets. My passion for technology and data has driven me to achieve remarkable results. I simply love building things and finding innovative solutions to complex problems. If you ever require assistance with a project, don't hesitate to reach out, and together we'll make the impossible possible.

About Me

  • PERSONALITY::INTJ (Architect)
  • EDUCATION::Bachelors of Computer Science
  • EXPERIENCE::20 years
  • LEGAL FORM::C2C (Canadian Corporation)
  • RATE::Negotiable